Drive More People To Your Shop,
Engage Multiple Customers At Once &

Boost Your Sales
Using Interactivity

Whether you’re a large franchise or small retail store, foot traffic is your number #1 priority. The more people you

get through the doors, the more sales you make. The only problem with this is your staff are only capable of

capturing 15% to 20% (at best) of those who enter your store. The other 80% usually leave before a staff member

becomes available and they are potential sales your retail store is simply missing out on.

So how do retail stores engage with more customers (at the one time) without

having the resources to do so?

Interactive Retail Touchscreens

Our Interactive Touchscreen Technology can be set up by any retailer, in virtually any industry, to improve the way they
engage with their customers, close more sales and ultimately reduce staff costs.

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What Is an Interactive Retail

A retail interactive touchscreen is a system that allows retailers to display important information about their products &
services, in a bid to engage with store visitors, in the hope to make a sale. Typically housed in a kiosk or touchscreen
device, the system acts as a virtual sales assistant and can be placed either on the entrance points or walls of the store.
This technology allows businesses who don’t have access to countless resources such as staff, the ability to engage a

larger number of store visitors by digitising the sales process.

Who’s It For


Small Brick & Mortar


Large Franchises


Pop Up Stores

Common Applications

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Process More Sales At Once
With Contactless Payment

Customers can now process and buy
goods without waiting in queue for a staff
member. By simply adding the product to
cart and processing the sale as you
normally would online, customers can pay
using the inbuilt card reader. Setting up
multiple touchscreens within your store
will allow you to process multiple sales at

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Attract More Customers With
Downtime Advertising

Drive more customers to your store by
showcasing your greatest product offerings
via the display whilst it’s not in use. Officially
known as downtime advertising, each display can run individual promotions or be synced
together to run the promotion for greater impact.

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Lessen Wait Times With Queue

Provide a faster, more efficient service by
eliminating the frustrating queues and
unexpected wait times your customers face
when your store is busy or short on staff.
Customers can use the interface to select a
service they’re interested in and wait
comfortably for the right staff member to
assist them. More efficient queueing
is the way you can continue to delight customers
even during your busiest periods.

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Increase Your Order Value With Automatic Promotional Up-Sell

Get more out of your customers by running
effective up-sell promotions via the display
right as your customer is about to make a
purchase. By showing your customer more
superior products at the checkout screen,
your customers are encouraged to spend

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Stock Availability & Endless Aisle

Spoil your customers for choice by displaying
your entire product catalog via the display.
Customers can easily swipe through a particular
product range or search for a specific product
they have seen online, and find the information
they need without having to rely on the sales

Why Your Customers Will Love Our
Interactive Retail Touchscreens

Apart from being fun, engaging and captivating, businesses can now offer customers more personalised
shopping experiences using the Interactive Touchscreens in store. By serving the information the customer
needs, when they need it most, shoppers can connect more deeply with your brand by taking control of their
own sales process without the need to engage sales staff.

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Why Your Customers Will Do With Our
Interactive Retail Touchscreens

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Demo Products

For products and services that m