Forward Thinking Council Centres Are
Using Interactive Technology At The
Forefront Of Their
Application Desk To
Better Service Their Customers

cc s3 planningtable1
cc s3 planningtable2

Council centres around Victoria are using our Interactive Planning Table to create a ‘professional
Application/meeting space’
, which they can use to privately meet clients and discuss matters such as permits,
plans and applications, using a large interactive display that allows their staff to ‘better handle’ customer requests
through improved communication, effective collaboration and on-screen annotation.

How Our Planning Table Will Help Your Council
Centre Create A More Efficient & Safer Working

cc s4 screen1

Host Professional Meetings

Take advantage of the technologies collaborative features and
improve the way you host meetings with your clients. Offering advice, handling client requests and collaborating on a set of drawings can all be done on the one interface.

cc s4 screen2

Annotate In Real-Time

Forget taking notes or racing back into your office every time a
change needs to be made, our display equips you and your team with
smarter documentation collaboration. Annotate files in real-time, mark up drawings or edit documents using smart touch gestures.

cc s4 screen3

View Documentas At 1:1 Scale

View plans and schematic drawings at scale, making it easier for you,
your team and your clients to interpret measurements, mark-ups and complex configurations that aren’t as visible on smaller devices (ipads, laptops, mobiles)

cc s4 screen4

No Printing Required. Send Documents & Files

Stay ‘green’ and minimise the enormous printing costs & paper waste associated with your office. Files can easily be sent to team members or clients after being worked on directly from the display. Fully compatible with your portal software, dropbox, email or other file sharing applications.

cc s4 screen5

Host Video Meetings

Collaborate with staff even if they aren’t on site through effective
video meetings. Adding multiple parties to the call is a great way to connect with managers, contractors and third-party suppliers.

How Your Visitors Will Also Benefit
From This Technology

cc s5 screen1

Display Important Meassaging

Keep your visitors up to date with your centre’s most important information by displaying the latest government health guidelines, operating hours, policies and processes.

cc s5 screen2

Information Hub For Locals

Create a centralised knowledge centre where visitors can access the information they need before engaging with your staff. This helpful tool will improve your waiting times by supplying the information a customer needs in seconds.

cc s5 screen3

Advertise For Local Businesses

Increase the awareness of what’s going on in your community by advertising the latest events, food spots, shops and things to do around your local area.

cc s5 screen4

Automated Check In Process

Make sure your centre is keeping up with government regulations by tracking those who enter your council centre. Have those who visit either sign in via the display or using QR code on their mobile phones.

Three Reasons Why Your Site Office
Needs The Rugged Planning Table


Improve The Success Rate of Approved Applications Through Better Communication

Council centres often deal with applications that are submitted incorrectly and it’s up to key members of staff (town planners, planning coordinators) to be able to clearly communicate the reasons as to why the application was disapproved to the client.

In the past staff would use phones, tablets and laptops within these application meetings, but these retstrictive technologies would often lead to failed resubmissions due to their inability to display files, plans and other documents at a 1:1 scale.

Now, Council Centres in Victoria, can guarantee the success rate of resubmitted applications, thanks to the Council Centre planning table. Staff can use the large, interactive screen, to collaborate with clients, whlist referencing to supportive material in the bid to help clients resubmit their applications successfully.