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Drive-Thru kiosks are a technology that has given businesses an alternative way of attracting customers to their stores, by providing them with fast and convenient service. Established on the basis of bringing food out to a stationary car, it has been adopted by the majority of the consumer market who are looking for a quick fix. 

Today, the drive-thru service is seen as the most convenient way to order food ‘On the Go’ as it has surpassed the ‘Dine In’ option, generating a higher revenue stream for many fast restaurants who offer drive-thru as a service. 

Advancements in technology and various testing over the years has help drive-thru service stamp it’s authority as being one of the most cost-effective and efficient business models that companies can use to provide quick customer service.

The Drive-Thru Model Is Being Used By Other Smart Businesses

Since 1960 drive-thru’s have played a major role in the way fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC & Hungry Jacks attract customers. By providing a quick and convenient service these restaurants were able to offer something that many others couldn’t and that was fast food on the go.

With Drive-Thru becoming the major revenue generator for the likes of McDonald’s, more focus went into testing and upgrading the efficiency of this process. Since it first opened, McDonald’s has invested over $300 million dollars on researching, updating and improving the way they conduct drive-thru. 

The implementation of smart kiosk technology within the drive-thru process gave McDonald’s the ability to smooth out faults, perfecting the process from start to finish. 

With McDonald’s paving the way on how to conduct a smooth yet efficient operation using smart interactive technology, many other businesses caught on, learning that this business could be replicated and used within their industry even if they weren’t considered fast food.

Today we see the likes of coffee houses, car washes, drive-in cinemas and bottles shops all benefiting from their unique drive-thru service.

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Discover The Benefits

Man Your Drive-Thru With Large Interactive Kiosks.

‘On The Go’ Is Preferred

With busier working schedules, impulsive decisions when deciding what to eat are becoming regular for most of the population. Most visits to fast-food restaurants generally occur during a trip to work, on the way to school, or to and from vacation.

This means people are shying away from long wait times and starting to become more familiar with the quick fix option as it has less impact on their daily routine.

Takes Multi-Tasking To A New Level

Relying on your team to take orders, communicate with the kitchen and complete in-house tasks can be a process that is never perfected. 

By implementing an interactive drive-thru kiosk to handle your customer’s orders, staff can spend more time on running your business, attending to the tasks that truly matter.

Extended Hours Of Service Made Possible

Our drive-thru kiosk allows businesses to consider extended hours of operation as a viable option. 

The cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the machine give businesses the ability to stay open for longer hours, obtaining a larger pool of customers that were once non-available.

With less staff required on hand to operate this extended service, costs are kept at a minimum allowing the business to generate a higher profit margin from the sales that are being generated between these hours

No Breakdowns In Communication

Order error is one of the most frustrating issues customers deal with when engaging with a business. A simple mix up in orders can really leave a bad taste in your customer’s mouths, causing them to consider going elsewhere because of this bad experience.

Most errors within the fast customer service industry are boiled down to a few things:

  1. Poor communication lines
  2. Complex and difficult orders
  3. Language barriers
  4. Poorly trained staff

By implementing an interactive drive-thru kiosk there is simply no room for error. With the kiosk being the connecting point between staff and customers, all orders no matter how complex can easily be fulfilled correctly earning your businesses a higher customer satisfaction rating.

Hygienic and Safe For Staff & Customers From COVID-19

The drive-thru kiosks add an element of safe practice and hygiene to your business. As most of your transactions and customer engagements are taking place through car windows, you minimise the number of interactions that take place in-store. 

Things such as in-house dining or amenities require consistent cleaning to maintain a hygienic place of business. The drive-thru kiosk, on the other hand, does not.

Ordering Has Never Been So Simple

Greeted with a friendly hello screen and big bright menu options, customers can easily pick and choose from a range of your products using the touchscreen

If your customers have an unusual taste, don’t worry, they too can build complex orders in a matter of seconds using the touch-based triggers. 

So simple and easy to use, customers follow the prompts until they get to your payment screen which can either processed from the kiosk directly or internally by your staff.

Don’t Be Plagued With Static Signs, Engage Customers

Many drive-thru businesses are often stuck with the same old signs that were put up when the business started. Apart from being old, static signs generally lose their impact quite quickly, so changing your signs on a regular basis can be a quite expensive task. 

Interactive drive-thru kiosks, on the other hand, can be updated in as many ways as your heart desires. With no limitations in updating your software, you can test different messages, new promotional material, videos and images so that you can engage with your audiences in many ways. 

The best part is there is no cost involved when making an update.

Save Money On Staff and Boost Production Line Efficiency

The drive-thru kiosks provide many features that help boost productivity and production line efficiency with your business. 

The big high-definition displays allow customers to view your menu items from 3-4 cars back from the ordering window, giving them a chance to pre-plan their order improving order time dramatically. This means you are able to process more sales within a standard day of operation.

The second way that the kiosk allows you to boost efficiency is with the fast menu processor and transaction processor. All information from the order such as items added, items removed, order total, change to give, time of order, and order number are all passed instantly to internal staff members, using this information to complete the order.

The drive-thru kiosk is also proving to be a cost-effective Touch Screen Solution. Most of the manpower required to process orders can be taken away by implementing one or multiple kiosks at the entries of each drive-thru lane. By utilising the kiosk in this way your store will require less staff, saving you thousands on payroll and other expense figures.

Use This Technology To Directly Boost Your Sales

The ‘Can I Have Fries With That’ Catchphrase Is Now Digital

For Large Franchises or Businesses with Multiple Store Locations

The most proven way to generate extra revenue into a business is through up-selling. Mc-Donalds very famous catchphrase ‘Can I have fries with that’ stood alone as one of the best up-selling techniques to ever withstand the face of time. 

So how do you up-sell when your customers are ordering directly from an interactive kiosk? It’s quite easy actually. 

The interactive kiosk uses a powerful CPU system so that businesses can run apps, custom software and websites directly through the display. By dropping up-sell triggers throughout your sales process the kiosks are queued, waiting for particular customer interactions to take place before offering a deal of greater value. 

Let’s take Mc-Donalds for example. 

When a customer selects a single menu item, let’s say a cheeseburger, the kiosk will then logically prompt the customer with ‘Do you want to make it a meal?‘ 

If the customer selects yes, he or she will then need to select their meal size. If a medium meal size is selected the kiosk has then been queued to ask the customer ‘Make it a large for an extra dollar‘.

With this prompt on the screen, the kiosk is then programmed to display both meals side by side, so that the extra value provided by the large meal can be instantly seen, making in an easy choice for the customer to upsize. 

As you can see, two seamless up-sell techniques took place directly from the kiosk alone and it doesn’t just stop there. You can offer customers coupons, exclusive offers and alternative products in order to boost the value of a sale. 

By having a well thought out sales process, combined with multiple up-sell and cross-selling triggers your kiosk can deliver you customers that are worth double or triple their original value.

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Refine Your Message Using Consumer Behaviour

Appeal To Your Audience When It Matters Most

Understanding your customer’s needs and wants is key when trying to establish a message that has impact with your audience. The direct interactions that your kiosk has with your customers allow your business to understand your customers on a deeper level. Learning about what items they like the most, what areas of the day your service is most profitable and what offers are having the most impact are just some of the things you will uncover about your target audience when using the drive-thru kiosk. 

Let me give you an example of what you mean. 

You might notice that more of your kid’s products are selling within the hours before and after school. Tailoring your menu to suit this demographic means you can establish an instant connection so that you don’t miss your of sale opportunity. Once these hours are complete you can then revert your menu back to its normal style. 

So how do I get access to my data?

All analytics and data can be stored within the kiosk itself and accessed through a simple cloud folder via a Wi-fi or 4G internet connection.

Introducing Your All-New Sales Processing & Up-Selling Dream Team

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Key Features

‘On The Go’ Is Preferred

With a payment gateway built-in underneath, the LCD display, customers can choose for their order directly from the kiosk itself. Tap your card for contactless payment and drive to the next window to receive your order.

No Glare Interactive LCD Display

Bring your products to life by featuring them on a well-lit, colourful 43-inch interactive LCD display. Powered by either an i3 or i5 processor and paired with windows 10 your display will run day and night serving customers your latest product offerings. The LCD screen has been developed so that glare is not an issue for customers using the touchscreen in daytime.

In Built Wi-Fi & Cloud Software

With a built-in Wi-Fi receiver, your outdoor Drive-Thru kiosk can easily connect to your network where it can be updated in real-time with new marketing or menu updates.

Speaker & Microphone

Powerful, weatherproof speaks gives your kiosk the edge when connecting with customers. You can run powerful video content with sound or have your staff speak directly to the customer if there is an issue that needs to be dealt with. The microphone also allows the customer to respond to staff if need be.

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