Land Sales

Jax Tyres
With the continued boom in Melbourne’s property market, land is opening up around the metropolitan fringes in huge volumes.

The Challenge

With so many new estates developed by different companies, the competition for new home buyers is fierce.

One great way to showcase the benefits of a particular site is an interactive experience where the buyer can see the estate in detail, know which blocks are available, and compare the block sizes and pricing. The potential buyer can also zoom in and out on an interactive map to see attractions and infrastructure of the local area including parks, schools, shops and transportation.

The land sales offices are becoming a very designer look and feel with landscaped gardens around stylish buildings that are fitted out with high end finishes and furniture.

The Solution

To fit into the luxurious feel of these sales suites, TSM have designed and built custom cabinetry that uses complimentary materials to the sales suite fit out. That might be natural timber, laminate or even stone benchtops housing an ultra high definition touch screen. Paired with this are often wall mounted screen banks to play promotional videos and images of the estate, and even kiosks for buyers to register on when the sales staff are occupied with other buyers.

By standing at a touch screen table going through the benefits of the estate and having all the block details at their fingertips, while beautifully presented videos play in the background with stunning images of the area, the sales people have all the tools at their disposal to help sell their land.

planning table map