Custom Kiosks

Sometimes a standard off the shelf solution does not go far enough to fully realize your business ideas. In many cases, our clients have a conceptual idea about what they are trying to achieve. At Touchscreens Melbourne we have over ten years of experience in bringing unique projects and processes to life. Please book a consultation in the strictest confidence, we can discuss how we make that idea work.

When we build Custom Kiosks it is essential we understand where they will be used and what they are required to do. Sounds basic, but our knowledge can sometimes help our client to elevate an issue before it arises. All of our custom kiosk builds are here in Australia, this way we have complete control over the manufacturing  process.

Why choose Touchscreens Melbourne?

  • Australian designed and built
  • Local high-quality construction for long term usage and deployment
  • Expert integration of multiple electronic devices
  • Close contact with local financial or software developers when required
  • Warranties, site support plans, and ongoing maintenance for the life of the project

Step 1: Discovery

A full consultation is required to understand the project from design through to user experience. This initially confirms the full amount of customization required. Having all stakeholders taking part in this consultation allows us at Touchscreens Melbourne to better evaluate and plan the project.

Design Concept

Step 2: Scope

Once the scope is understood Touchscreens Melbourne can prepare a conceptual design fo your feedback. This may include the software solution. If you have an independent IT partner already creating your user experience we welcome their collaboration. The software and hardware need to work in combination for an effective user experience.

Design Feeback

Step 3: Proposal

Taking into consideration all feedback around design drawings, hardware specifications and software requirements a Touchscreens Melbourne’s proposal is submitted.

Final Design 1

Step 4: Prototype

On acceptance of the proposal full technical drawings and specifications are developed for manufacturing. A full prototype is then built and deployed in a live testing environment at your location.


Step 5: Approval

Upon approval of the prototype testing process, manufacturing will commence for an agreed upon location rollout as scheduled. The schedule minimises disruption and facilitates the adoption by your organisation and end-users.

Production Testing

Step 6: Support

Touchscreens Melbourne’s support and maintenance of the project begins. We continue to work with you for the longterm to ensure the projects continued success.

Custom Kiosk Project Gallery