Boardroom & Sales Presentations

Enhance Team Productivity & Win New Projects With Interactivity

Instantly transform your boardrooms into interactive collaboration spaces using our innovative technology. Teams can now come together and work effectively on projects using the apps and collaboration programs they are most familiar with via the display. Boring sales presentations can now be turned into fully digital interactive experiences and can be presented professionally in person or via a video conference. There are many other benefits attached with using interactive technology in the office. Check them out below.

Benefits Of Board Room/ Sales Presentation Touchscreens

Impress your prospects by hosting engaging sales presentations through the interactive display. Bring elements of your presentation to life and create a fully interactive experience for those who are attending. If you find your presentation is lacking creative flare, use the touchscreen to host a collaboration between team members where you can brainstorm and share ideas through the interactive display. Powerful presentations like these will most certainly put you in the driver’s seat when trying to win more work.

Effective Team Collaboration

Unlock your team’s creative potential with our interactive display. Use it to host real time team collaboration sessions and experience unhindered productivity when brainstorming fresh, new ideas. The interactive display allows for team collaborations to take place with members inside and outside the office walls. Connect remote members through various video conferencing apps and give important projects the input and effort they deserve.

Display Important Messaging

Keep everyone in your office up to date with the latest company news by using the touchscreen to display important messaging when it’s not in use. Display government directives, office rules, company guidelines, monthly KPIs, important deadlines & upcoming events. The display can also be used to impress those who visit your premises by showcasing your company’s most valued assets. Things like your website, products, project highlight reels and offers can run as a slideshow throughout the day.

Benefits Of Board Room/ Sales Presentation Touchscreens
  • Stay connected – with sophisticated video conferencing software and programs
  • Win more work – host powerful sales presentations linked with interactivity
  • Improve office productivity – let your team come together to work on important projects
  • Unlock creativity – bring your documents, PowerPoints & presentations to life with interactivity
Where is This Technology Being Used
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  • Offices
  • Shared Meeting Suites
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