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Create Your Interactive Kiosk Experience

As consumer journeys evolve, so do the store concepts – driving demand for touch screen kiosk experiences.
Our versatile, modular interactive kiosk solutions offer innovative ways to adapt your experience to meet consumers’
changing behavior for a variety of applications including restaurant kiosks, outdoor info kiosks, retail self-service kiosks and more.

Self Checkout

Self-Checkout (SCO)
Self Ordering

Endless Aisle

Endless Aisle
Product Information

Product Information
Price Checker

Price Checker

Access Control

Access Control
Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Access Control with your Self-Service Kiosk Solution

Simplify access control and visitor management for employees, students, patients, and guests. Get a robust temperature screening kiosk complete with an Android Interactive Display, Temperature Sensor Pro and choice of stand.

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At Touchscreens Melbourne we are combining a long established knowledge of interactive equipment and solutions. We believe the correct choice of digital interactive hardware is essential to achieve maximum success for your retail solution.
That’s why at Touchscreens Melbourne we collaborate with Elo Touch who put a lot of consideration into the design of their touchscreens and are really focused on the detail. Elements like the clever recessed and covered cable storage compartments built into the back of the monitors, or how the cable is routed, definitely make a huge difference to how compact, clean and user friendly our solutions are. This attention to detail has really helped us create a more engaging and seamless experience that we want all our customers to have.

Driving Retail In Your Business

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Choose from Android, or Windows operating systems on an extensive range of interactive touchscreens from 10″ – 84″
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Mount in portrait or landscape and combine with Elo Edge Connect technology and modular peripheral devices to allow configuration into multiple self checkout screen solutions
Hand holding tablet and showing staffs with global connectivity concept

Connect & Control

Deploy and securely manage content across your entire network from anywhere around the world with remote access software

Mount with Flexibility

From compact to sleek, Touchscreens Melbourne’s lineup of hardware options meet the need of nearly every requirement in your modern environment. From space saving wall mounted kiosks to adaptable floor and counter self-service kiosk mounts, configure the exact solution that fits your needs.
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Image Kiosk Elo Self Service Floor Stand 1

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Custom Self-Service Solutions

We understand it takes more than just the right hardware to create the perfect solution. That’s why we have an entire ecosystem of kiosk, software, payment and peripheral partners to scope the perfect interactive experience for you.