Queensland Disaster Centre

Jax Tyres
The Queensland Disaster Centre is a joint response command centre for any major natural disasters or acts of war in the state of Queensland. It is a place where emergency services, government bodies and even the defence forces can come together to coordinate efforts to keep people and property safe.

The Challenge

Due to the number of people in these joint task forces, the Queensland Disaster Centre required some large interactive tables and wall mounted screens for collaborative meetings in times of disaster.

As you can imagine in the case of a bush fire for example, zooming in on maps to find access to remote areas and keeping track of first responders’ locations is paramount.

The Solution

In custom metalwork enclosures and on motorised legs, we built several interactive planning tables with 4K ultra high definition multi-touch screens. One was a 65” touch screen which could accommodate around 10 people, and the other was an 84” touch screen around which up to 20 people could be working on a disaster plan together.

The motorised legs allow for different height meetings either standing or sitting and even for wheelchair accessibility. We also supplied a 65” and 84” touch screen to be wall mounted, so a total of 4 touch screens to assist with the efforts of Queensland’s front line workers in keeping their residents safe.