Boost Customer
Engagement With
Interactive Kiosks

The Smarter Way to Display
Important Business Information To
Your Customers

What is an Interactive Kiosk

An interactive kiosk is a hardware device that is integrated with an intuitive interface that gives businesses the ability to
directly connect with their customers. The core feature of an interactive kiosk is self service, meaning the user has the
ability to get the necessary information, product or service they desire without having to interact with staff.

What Can Your Business Do With
Our Interactive Kiosks

Our interactive kiosks cater for the convenience of your customers by allowing them to interact through different
applications, in the most user friendly and inviting way possible. Here are some of the ways our interactive kiosks can be
used within your business.

k s4 icon directsales 1

Direct Sales

Create more direct sales by allowing the kiosk
to perform tasks which are usually completed
by staff members. With inbuilt payment
gateways and receipt printers, customers can
skip the queues and process their orders directly
from the kiosk.

k s4 icon interactive ads 1

Interactive Advertising

Attract more customers to your store by
displaying attention-grabbing ads and limited
time offers that your users can interact with.
You can also use this application to promote
your most valuable products and services,
giving your business a higher chance of
making more sales.

k s4 icon visitormanagement 1

Visitor Management

Take visitor management up a notch, by
having those who enter your business sign
in via the interactive kiosk. Appointments
can also be made via the kiosk, with alerts
and reminders being sent to the staff
members the user requires. Learn more
about visitor management here.

k s4 icon publicmsgs 1

Public Messaging

Display your most important messages to your
customers with the click of a button. Using
the cloud based software, you can create,
manage and upload messages that will keep
your visitors informed throughout the day.

k s4 icon infodirectory 1

Information Directory

Share accurate and concise information
regarding your business, it’s products and
services the intuitive way, so users can draw
out the information they need when they need it most.

Who’s It For

Application Of Interactive Kiosks Across Industries




Medical Clinics
& Practices






Public Centres

Our Kiosks Adapt To Run Your
Existing Business Software

Our kiosks have been designed to be ‘plug and play’ with any business, meaning you can take your existing software
and run it directly on our hardware. We’ve done this so businesses can avoid the time, effort and huge cost associated
with charging their software system to be compatible with the kiosk.

What happens if I don’t have software?

There are two options we provide businesses that don’t
have software.

  • Option 1

Provide you with an off the shelf software that we
recommend based on your needs.

  • Option 2

Have our team of developers build you a software
that is unique to your business.

k s6 screen1

Why Interactivity?

Our kiosks use interactivity to give your business a way to form deeper
relationships with your customers by offering a unique and personalized user
experience that can’t be matched anywhere else.

Benefits Of Using Our

Interactive Kiosk

k s8 icon alleviate cf

Alleviate Customer Frustration

Our interactive kiosk eliminates lines, answers
questions, provides valuable information and
displays products or services in a user friendly

k s8 icon branding

Create Unparalleled Branding

Display your brand’s personality, logo,
advertisements, offers and promotions in
store on a ultra high definition screen.

k s8 icon custservice

Provide Next Level Customer Service

From knowing where to find an obscure
product, communicating valuable
information or providing clear directions,
our kiosk delivers the ultimate customer
service experience.

k s8 icon incsale

Increase Sales

Highlight products and create offers based on
your consumers behaviour to improve your
business bottom line.

k s8 icon impefficiency

Reduce Business Costs And
Improve Efficiency

Allow each shopper that enters your store to
get the assistance they need to without the
need to hire more staff.

Types Of Kiosks We Offer

k s9 indoor kiosk