Manage Your Next Multi Million
Dollar Construction Project More
Efficiently Using Our
Site Office Planning Table

Amplify The Benefits Of Your Project Management Software
(Blue Beam, Field Wire), Collaborate With Your Team & Keep
Projects On Track All From an Interactive Display

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Many modern-day site managers have turned to using our site office planning table as a way to better manage their
Running their projects and management software on a larger, clearer, interactive screen, provides
them with additional benefits that they are unable to access when using smaller, restrictive technologies
such as phones, tablets, and laptops. This technology is helping site managers ensure their projects are
completed safely, on time, and within budget. Here’s How.

screen 11scale

View Plans At 1:1 Scale

View plans and schematic drawings at scale, making it easier for you
and your team to interpret small measurements, mark ups and
complex configurations.

screen renderingissue

Rendering Issues Are No Longer a Problem

Rendering large files such as plans, schematics or 3D images is not
an issue for the site office planning table, whereas smaller screens
such as phones, tablets and even laptops can struggle.

screen annotate

Annotate in Real Time

Rather than taking notes when discussing the latest plans, you can
now mark up/annotate in real time during meetings using smart
touch gestures.

screen 2splitscreen

Compare Two Sets of Drawings On One Screen

No need to switch back and forth between tabs to compare site
drawings, with the interactive display you can easily compare two
documents side by side.

screen videocall

Host Video Meetings

Collaborate with staff even if they aren’t on site through effective
video meetings. Adding multiple parties to the call is a great way to connect with managers, contractors and third-party suppliers.

screen gorillaglass

Site Office and Built To Cop a Beating

Protected by Gorilla glass and built on a galvanised steel stand, the display is vandal, scratch and break proof, to endure the toughest of

screen inductionprocess

Automate The Induction Processes

Automate the induction process by having new workers sign in using

the display.

Three Reasons Why Your Site Office
Needs The Rugged Planning Table


Improve The Success Rate of Approved Applications Through Better Communication

Council centres often deal with applications that are submitted incorrectly and it’s up to key members of staff (town planners, planning coordinators) to be able to communicate the reasons why the application was disapproved to the client.


In the past staff would use phones, tablets, and laptops within these application meetings, but these restrictive technologies would often lead to failed resubmissions due to their inability to display files, plans and other documents at a 1:1 scale.

Now, Council Centres in Victoria, can guarantee the success rate of resubmitted applications, thanks to the Council Centre planning table. Staff can use the large, interactive screen, to collaborate with clients, while referencing to supportive material in the bid to help clients resubmit their applications successfully.

reason1 screen1
reason2 screen2

Streamlining Processes Through
Smart Interactive Technology Helps
Your Projects Stay On Track