Digital Signage for
Your Health Clinic

Advertise to your customers using our cloud-based solutions. Our beautiful screens make it easy to create, manage, and display your attractive offers, and messages to your customers.

Who’s It For?

We’ve made it easy and affordable for Australian businesses to deploy digital signage in their stores. From setup to content creation, we take care of the entire process.

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Medical Clinics
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Dental Practices
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Physio & Osteo Clinics

Display What Matters Most

Attract more customers into your store by displaying your most impactful signage on our beautiful displays. Interact with your customer on a more personal level by giving them what matters most through animated content, offers and important messages.

You can display:

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icons s4 images
icons s4 gifs
icons s4 webpage


(Graphics Interchange Format)


icons s4 images
icons s4 gifs
icons s4 webpage


(Graphics Interchange Format)


Set and Forget Marketing

Automate your marketing by using our software to set start and end dates for when you want specific content to be displayed. Best used for promotions and limited offers.

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Start Date –

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End Date –

Benefits of Digital Signage

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Deploy To Numerous Screens

The cloud-based technology gives your business total control when displaying messages to one or multiple screens or stores. Activate the message your want to be displayed in a matter of seconds using your mobile or desktop computer.


Use the analytics from our displays to identify which signage works best in your store. Use this key insight to create more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

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Affordable Solutions

Whether you are wanting to deploy one or multiple screens in your store, we make our digital signage cost-effective for any business. Check out our pricing below.

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High Impact Advertising

Use our modern, high-definition screens to bring your content to life. Showcase your highest profit margin products and attract more of your most valuable customers, giving your business a better chance at increasing sales.

Digital Signage Plans

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Plan 1

Includes Following:

  • Large Format Display
  • Media Box
  • Cloud Access
  • 12 Month Warranty