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Touchscreen Signage & Advertising

The days of one way advertising and information sharing is over. Brand and service providers now have conversations and interaction with their customers. Touchscreen advertising and signage allows your customers to interact, ask questions and if you're running an advertising campaign - have a little fun.

A more interactive experience

Interactive digital advertising with touchscreen technology gives them that control. Imagine you are walking through a shopping centre, you see an advertisement playing on the large touchscreen for a new movie. You see the advert and wonder what cinema it is playing and at what time. You walk up to the screen and touch a button on the screen which then gives you a list of cinemas and play times, problem solved.


  • Compared to TV very inexpensive
  • Interaction is a two way street
  • Customers get immediate targeted information
  • Run your advert 24/7 if needed
  • Provide relevant additional information with the advert

Touchscreen Displays

Our range of Philips touchscreen displays feature the latest in infrared touchscreen technology and offer a sleek, eye-catching solution to all your advertising and signage needs.

Philips Digital Signage

Touchscreen Kiosks

We also offer a range of large, stand-alone touchscreen kiosks you can use for advertising and signage purposes.

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