Outdoor Desk Kiosk

outdoor desk kiosk large

Outdoor Desk Kiosk

Designed for use in the outdoor public domain, this rugged touch screen kiosk can withstand the harshest environments. The Outdoor Desk’s clean design and large display make it perfect for parks, malls, zoos, railway stations and bus depots.

Touchscreens Melbourne have full control over the high-end quality workmanship, materials, finish and timing to ensure on-time delivery every time.


Robust Full HD Multi-Touch Display
The display outer is manufactured from galvanised steel sheets overlaid with low zinc powder and outdoor powder as surface treatment protection. The outer is guaranteed for 7 years against fade and rust. The kiosk can also be manufactured in your custom branding. The touch monitor is
commercial quality which allows for extended 24/7 use and extreme reliability.

The fully high definition screen is 1980 x 1080 has automatic light sensing.This self regulates the screen brightness according to the light intensity of the environment.

Designed to be used in:

  • Retail

  • Corporate areas

  • Exhibition

  • Reception areas

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