Outdoor Touchscreen Kiosks

KWO43 Touchscreen Kiosk (larger image)

Outdoor KWO43, 55 & 75 Kiosks

All Weather, ultra-thin, high-brightness standing floor/wall mounted outdoor advertising LCD display with fan-cooling system and projected capacitive touch. Available with 43", 55" or 75" displays.

Widely used in parks, malls, zoos, railway stations, bus stops and other outdoor areas.

Directory Kiosk Small

Outdoor Directory D2

Designed for use in the outdoor public domain, this rugged dual screen kiosk can withstand the harshest environments.

The Outdoor Directory's clean design and large displays make it perfect for parks, malls, zoos, railway stations and bus depots.

Drive Thru self-serve kiosk

Outdoor Drive-Thru Kiosk

Specifically designed for the drive thru experience. This kiosk allows a patron to select order and make electronic payment without leaving their car. This robust, full HD Multi-Touch display has a full HD 27” touchscreen.

outdoor touchscreen desk kiosk large

Outdoor Desk Kiosk

Designed for use in the public domain, this rugged touch screen kiosk can withstand the harshest environments. Great in sunny areas, it is widely used in commercial and residential districts, tourist areas, hospitals, schools, railway stations and other outdoor places.

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