Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use my finger or can I use another pointing device with a touch screen?      

This depends on the type of touch screen you're using. For example, capacitive touchscreens only work with finger input. Resistive touch screens are pressure sensitive and will work with any type of input- finger, gloved hand, stylus, pen, or any pointing device. Infra Red touch screens work on the breaking of an invisible infra red beam so will work with virtually any stylus.

What operating systems do your touch screens work with?    

We have touch screen monitors and kiosks that will work with most common operating systems, including DOS, Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/8, Macintosh OS, Win 7 and Linux. Please note that not all touch screens will work with each of these operating systems.

Does a touch screen require any special software to operate?    

Where required, our touch screen monitors and kiosks are supplied with touch screen software drivers that allow the touch screen to emulate the left button click of a mouse.  Installing the software is usually a quick process consisting of running the installation file. Most users find that they simply accept the defaults, and installation normally just takes a few moments. 

Can my current monitor or laptop be upgraded to a touch screen?  

There are external add on touch screens that some companies sell that hang over an existing laptop or LCD screen and convert it into a touch screen. TouchScreens Melbourne has seen many customers disappointed with the results of these solutions and does not sell or recommend them. We do supply a robust add on touch screen for large monitors 32” and larger. In these sizes it is feasible developing custom add on touch screens that are measured to fit around the frame of the LCD or plasma monitor. Secured with solid brackets and/or straps these solutions are designed to be long term, robust solutions.

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