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Touch Embedded Solutions Inc. is a customer driven and market focused organization that provides excellence in value, innovation, service, quality, reliability, safety, technical support and consultancy in the creation of touch enabled monitors for OEM/ODM partners.

Monitors with built-in PCs

Touch Screens Melbourne

Sizes available

15", 17", 19" and 22"

Projected Capacitive touch screens

Touch Screens Melbourne

Resistive touch screens

Touch Screens Melbourne

Sizes available

15",  17"19"

Sound Acoustic Wave touch screens

Touch Screens Melbourne

Sizes available

12" 15", 17", 19", 20", 22", 24", 27", 32", 42"


  • Choice of industry-leading touch screens:

  • AccuTouch five-wire resistive (activated with fingernails, gloves, credit cards, or any stylus)

  • IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave (SAW) for superior image quality (activated with finger or glove)

  • Projected capacitive for a sensitive multi-touch performance, and a seamless zero-bezel design

  • Optional field-installable 3 stripe MSR

  • Sealed touch screen

  • Mounting holes on base bottom for tabletop security

  • Controls on the side, plus lockout function for public use

  • Internal power supply

  • Worldwide agency approvals


ELO Touch Screen Monitors

The ELO Touch Screen Monitors are designed, developed and built to provide a cost-effective touch solution for system integrators and VARs.  These touch monitors are “designed for touch”— the technology is built into our monitors from the ground up and not added as an afterthought by altering the original monitor. It includes a stable base, with controls that are placed on the side rather than the front and are locked-out for public use.

The display is factory sealed against dirt and dust, and the unit offers a choice of touch screen technologies: the anti-glare clarity and superior performance of IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave, time-tested AccuTouch five-wire resistive, and projected capacitive (PCAP) for a multi-touch experience and zero-bezel, seamless design.


  • Point-of-sale (POS)
  • Point-of-service
  • Loyalty systems
  • Countertop kiosk information systems

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