ELO Self-Serve Kiosk
- Desktop

ELO Self-serve Kiosk

ELO Self-Serve Kiosk - Desktop

The modern retail environment requires seamless, user friendly interaction with the customer. The Elo Self Service Kiosk provides that in abundance, taking endless isle, production selection through to payment a pleasure to us.

The desktop design, is compact, reduces floor real estate in busy retail environments, whilst still attracting customers with a stylish 22" screen. The Elo Kiosk’s contemporary design and 22” large display makes it perfect for showrooms, shopping centre's, information centre's, lobbies and site offices.

Robust HD Multi-Touch Display

HD 22” touch screen utilises the latest in projected capacitive touch technology. The touch monitor is commercial quality which allows for extended 24/7 use and extreme reliability.Boasting an in-built PC Intel® Core™ i5 processor, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD, LAN, USB, and two in-built speakers. Capable of running O/S Windows 7 and 8.1*

The ELO Self Service - Desktop's sleek and compact design make it the perfect choice to manage your retail needs in a stylish and capable device.

Designed to be used in:

  • Retail

  • Corporate areas

  • Exhibitions

  • Reception areas

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