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Elo PRO 4602L PT

Elo’s 4602L 46-inch interactive digital signage touch screen delivers a professional-grade large format display in a slim, integrated package. At 2 inches (50.5 mm) thin, the 4602L is compliant with the ADA and IBC requirements of less than 4-inch protrusion when mounted with an Elo low-profile wall-mounting kit.With a 500 nit LED panel, the 4602L is a bright, high quality display suitable for public environments.
Available with a choice of two multi-touch touch screen technologies, zero-bezel Projected Capacitive (PCAP) or Infrared (IR), both enable up to ten simultaneous touches for multi-user interaction. The IR touchscreen is 3.2mm thickand the PCAP touchscreen is2.8mmthick, both with chemically strengthened glass.
State of the art HD display technology is utilized including a high contrast/brightness LED-backlit LCD panel, extended color gamut with movie/ gaming/ photo modes, black level adjustment, and on-screen menu enhancements.
  • Thin (<4" mounted) design is attractive and compliant with ADA and IBC protrusion requirements
  • Reliable, integrated IDS solution with optional NFC / RFID scanners and webcam kits
  • Flexible mounting in portrait, landscape and table-top orientation

Integrated Touch

Commercial Grade

3-Year Warranty

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