Digital Signage & Advertising  

Digital Signage & Advertising

Our range of Philips digital signage and advertising products offer a sleek and efficient solution to all your customer information and promotional needs. 



  • Compared to TV very inexpensive

  • Target your market with strategic placement

  • Customers get immediate targeted information

  • Run your advert 24/7 if needed

  • Provide relevant additional information with the advert

Looking for touchscreens?

If you want to truly engage your audience with games, surveys and competitions, take a look at our touchscreen signage solutions.


Philips D-Line

Philips Digital Display for Signage and Advertising

Sizes available:

Philips Q-Line

Sizes available:

Philips P-Line

Sizes available:

Philips VH 

Philips Digital Signage 47 VH

Sizes available:

Philips Ultra HD

Sizes available:

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